Adult Gender Medicine

Adult Gender Medicine

Hormone Therapy, Gender-Affirming Care for Transgender Adults

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Duke Health provides gender-affirming hormone therapy, helping transgender adults (ages 18 and older) achieve the changes they seek and live healthy, fulfilling lives. We treat each patient with respect and dignity.

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How We Help

Our dedicated experts in gender-affirming therapy provide the highest quality care personalized to your needs. Care typically proceeds with these steps:

You’ll begin by talking with a Duke gender care provider about your goals. We’ll review your medical history and explain the risks and benefits of gender-affirming hormone therapy. You’ll learn what to expect as you begin therapy and as you continue over time.

Baseline Lab Work
You’ll have baseline lab work to evaluate your overall health.

Hormone Therapy
When you and your care provider agree that you’re ready, you’ll begin gender-affirming hormone therapy.

Our Locations
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First-Year Follow-Up
During your first year of therapy, you’ll come for office visits at least every three months so we can monitor your treatment. Your discussions with your provider, along with regular lab tests, will determine whether your therapy should be adjusted.

Long-Term Follow-Up
After your first year, your follow-up visits will be less frequent. However, you can always make an appointment if you have questions or concerns.

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Quality Transgender Care

Duke’s adult gender medicine program is an essential resource in our area. Seeking care with us offers you these advantages:

Medical Expertise in Transgender Care
You’ll receive care from providers who are experienced in treating transgender patients. In addition to endocrinologists, these include primary care providers who have a special interest in delivering comprehensive primary care to people who are transgender.

Primary Care Responsive to LGBTQ+ Needs
Input from a community advisory board has helped shape our primary care priorities and practices, enabling us to create a patient-centered medical home for people in the LGBTQ+ community at Duke Family Medicine Center.

Referrals to Experts for Essential Services
Our providers have access to the extensive resources of Duke Health and can refer you for a broad range of services. Whether you’re seeking counseling, an expert surgeon for gender-affirming surgery, fertility preservation services, or other specialized medical care, we can guide you to an expert who can help.

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Reviewed: 08/22/2018