KidsCan! Support Group

For Children Whose Parents Have Cancer

KidsCan! is a virtual support program that provides helpful information and a welcoming community to children and teens ages 4 to 18 who have a parent or significant caregiver living with cancer.

How KidsCan! Works

Children sometimes need help understanding and coping with their feelings and emotions when their loved ones are going through the stress of a cancer diagnosis, and treatment.

A Safe and Supportive Environment for Children Ages 4 to 18
KidsCan! provides an outlet for children and teens to talk about their experiences coping with a parent’s cancer with trained facilitators in a safe, protected, virtual environment. During the monthly meetings, children and teens are grouped by age and participate in games and activities that help them learn about cancer, treatment, and side effects. Laughing, playing, and talking to others their age helps them feel less isolated and alone. Each month focuses on a different theme, such as:

  • what is cancer
  • changes in family life
  • feelings hope
  • cooperation at home

Want to Learn More?

Complete our interest survey to learn more about how KidsCan! can support your family. A member of our team will contact you after you submit your survey responses.

Helping Parents Find Community and Support from Others

Our Parenting with Cancer support group also meets online each month. Trained facilitators help parents discuss the impact their cancer is having on their children and the challenges of supporting children and teens as it relates to their illness. Topics also include how to maintain ongoing, age-appropriate conversations about cancer, and treatments, and how to help their children express their feelings and concerns. Participating in Parenting with Cancer can help parents find community and support from other parents who are patients and caregivers, and going through similar experiences.

When your family registers for KidsCan!, parents will automatically be registered for the virtual Parenting with Cancer support group.

Monthly Hybrid Meetings

The KidsCan! support group meets on a monthly basis. For more information or to register for KidsCan!, please call 919-684-4497 or e-mail

KidsCan! Program Support

This program is generously supported by the Duke Cancer Patient Support Program, the Holt Brothers’ Foundation, and private gifts.

Duke Cancer Support Programs

Our cancer support programs help families facing cancer cope with the mental, emotional, and social concerns that may arise during, and in the years after cancer treatment.