Male infertility and family planning

Male infertility treatment and vasectomy

Male infertility can impact your ability to start your family, while a vasectomy allows you to control your family’s size when you are ready to take that step. No matter which stage of family planning you are in, our male health specialists can help. We identify the physical and psychological concerns that can lead to infertility in men, and recommend treatments to help you and your partner achieve a pregnancy. If your family is complete, we offer vasectomies as a form of permanent birth control.

What causes male infertility?

About one-half of a couple’s infertility problems may be caused by male infertility, an umbrella term that covers problems related to making or moving sperm. Moving sperm through and out the penis may be impacted by a blockage or an ejaculation disorder. Low sperm count or decreased sperm quality may result from a variety of concerns, including enlarged veins known as a varicocele, an infection, erectile dysfunction, hormonal imbalance, chronic diseases, genetic defects or environmental exposures.

Why choose Duke Urology

  • We are recognized experts in the male reproductive system. Our urology program is ranked among the nation’s best by U.S. News & World Report, and our doctors are consistently recognized for their experience and expertise,
  • Your treatment is personalized. Duke’s board certified urologists identify the cause of your male infertility and recommend a personalized treatment plan that meets your needs.
  • We are part of a large medical system. We have access to advanced genetic testing and counseling when more uncommon causes of infertility may be the cause. We work closely with the Duke Fertility Center because evaluating and correcting male infertility at the same time as the female evaluation can expedite the process of achieving a successful pregnancy. 
  • We have convenient locations in Raleigh and Durham. You can make an appointment with a board-certified urologist at one of our convenient locations: Duke Urology of Raleigh, Duke Urology Men's Health Center in Raleigh, or Duke Urology in Durham. 

Male infertility treatment options


A vasectomy is a form of permanent birth control that works by blocking the vas deferens, the tube through which sperm passes into the semen.

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