Moyamoya disease

Duke is a leading regional referral center for moyamoya disease, a rare condition in which large arteries thicken and reduce the brain's blood supply. Our specialists surgically bypass affected arteries to restore blood flow.

Experts in moyamoya disease

Moyamoya is a potentially devastating condition that occurs when the walls of the brain's large arteries thicken, and and gradually shut down blood flow. As the large arteries thicken, the brain recruits smaller vessels to distribute blood, which can increase your risk for stroke.  As a result, blood leaks into the brain from the smaller vessels.  The small vessels are often described during imaging procedures as  a puff of smoke, which is why the disease is called moyamoya. Moyamoya is the Japanese term for “puff of smoke.”

Moyamoya: Why Choose Duke

  • Surgical experience. Our cerebrovascular surgeons’ experience treating this complex, sometimes life-threatening condition ensures consistently successful outcomes for our moyamoya patients.  We works regularly with patients facing challenging conditions that require surgery on blood vessels within the brain.
  • Moyamoya referral center. Our consistently successful outcomes has solidified our reputation as a referral center.  Because the disease is rare, some patients receive their first accurate diagnosis and treatment plan while in our care.



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