Brain aneurysm

Duke’s neurosurgical specialists use the latest imaging and surgical instruments to manage and treat brain aneurysms. Our goal is to diagnose the bulging or weakened areas that occur in the walls of arteries that supply blood to the brain before they rupture. If rupture occurs, our expert team is equipped to treat life-threatening aneurysms and minimize your risk for serious complications that may arise.

After life-saving brain surgery, Connie Gonzalez is back to her daily activities, and has high praise for her neurosurgeon.

Expert emergency care for brain aneurysms

Brain aneurysms, also called cerebral or intracranial aneurysms, are weak, bulging areas in the wall of arteries responsible for supplying blood to the brain. Often they exist with no symptoms, and and require expert emergency treatment if severe symptoms, such as sudden headache, nausea, vomiting, blurred vision and fainting occur. As a high-volume referral center for people with aneurysms, our highly skilled cardiovascular team use sophisticated diagnostic imaging to determine whether you will benefit from treatment or observation before an aneurysm ruptures. If emergency surgery is needed, our surgeons perform complex procedures that repair damage caused by torn or ruptured aneurysms, and work with you to prevent or the reduce the risk of complications that may result, including stroke.

Choose Duke for your brain aneurysm care because we offer:

  • Experienced neurosurgeons.  Our cerebrovascular surgeons have extensive training and experience in the the full range of aneurysm prevention, management and treatment. From emergency situations in which weak artery walls create immediate risk to less urgent cases where a comprehensive assessment is required before surgery, we ensure you receive the most appropriate treatment for your condition.
  • Complex procedures, successful outcomes.  We have extensive experience performing surgery on large aneurysms, which is extremely complex and often a life-saving procedure.
  • Advanced diagnostic imaging.  We use the most advanced equipment and procedures to diagnose and treat brain aneurysms including high resolution 3-D x-ray tools to generate highly detailed images of blood vessels in the brain. 
  • Sophisticated microsurgical techniques. Our surgeons are experts in performing microsurgery using powerful microscopes help our specialists complete complex procedures safely and precisely.



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