Fibromuscular dysplasia

Duke neurological and vascular specialists diagnose and treat fibromuscular dysplasia, a condition that results when abnormal cell development leads to narrowing (stenosis) or bulging (aneurysm) in the arteries leading to the brain and kidneys. While fibromuscular dysplasia cannot be cured, it can be treated effectively. We work with a team of experts from diverse specialties to identify if you have fibromuscular dysplasia. We help you manage complications such as high blood pressure, and minimize the risk of kidney failure, ruptured aneurysm or stroke.

Experienced, expert care

Once considered a rare disorder, fibromuscular dysplasia is now seen more frequently, and requires expert care to decrease the serious consequences that can result. The disease commonly affects the carotid arteries in the neck, through which blood flows to the brain. When they become narrowed by stenosis, or bulge and cause aneurysm, stroke is often the major risk. Our vascular and neurological specialists use advanced imaging techniques to look for signs of fibromuscular dysplasia, as well as tears or weakness in the arteries that require immediate treatment. Our comprehensive care can help you manage the condition with medication and intervention therapies, including surgery when needed. 

Choose Duke for your fibromuscular dysplasia treatment because we offer:

  • Advanced training. Our physicians and surgeons are fellowship-trained specialists, meaning they have completed additional years of training in the treatment of diseases that affect the brain and its major arteries. Our neurologists, neurosurgeons and vascular surgeons use the most sophisticated technology available to offer you the best possible care.
  • Coordinated, comprehensive care. Our specialized staff coordinates the comprehensive care of everyone who comes to Duke -- from your initial clinic or emergency room visit, through your hospital care and your transition home or, if necessary, to a rehabilitation facility.
  • Emergency diagnosis and response.  Our team is the region's leading resource for brain health emergencies, including aneurysms and stroke.   Speed of treatment is critical for full repair and recovery, and blood flow disorders in the brain can be difficult to diagnose.  Our experience ensures we make accurate, prompt assessments to direct your care.
  • Regional referral center.  We receive referrals from across the Southeastern U.S. to confirm a diagnosis or prepare a treatment plan.  Our experience with many disease conditions ensures you receive the medical consultation and treatment you need.
  • A team approach.  Your medical team includes specially trained radiologists who capture and interpret images of blood vessels in your brain, neurologists who understand the role of the brain and spinal column in the nervous system and other highly trained specialists. We work together to craft the treatment plan that is best for your condition.
  • Diagnostic and imaging expertise.   As a leading medical center, we use the latest diagnostic and imaging technologies quickly and effectively.  These tools enhance our ability to review your medical situation and present the safest and best options.
  • Innovative surgeries.  From cerebral bypass surgery to less invasive therapies, we use the most advanced medical and surgical techniques to ensure you receive the most effective solution.



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