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For Us, It Came Down to Quality

We chose Duke

October 01, 2013

After moving to Cary from New York, the Zeins researched the best medical care in the Triangle, and choose Duke because it gave them access to a host of pediatric specialists.

When Sam and Douaa Zein moved from New York to Cary, it was three-year-old daughter Zoe who guided their search for a local primary care provider. She suffered from febrile seizures, so she needed not only a pediatrician, but also a neurologist. “My wife did a lot of research,” says Sam. “At Duke, she found one of the top pediatric neurologists in the country. It was this reputation for quality that attracted us initially.”

But after a visit to a Duke Primary Care clinic, the Zeins discovered that access to leading pediatric specialists was just one of many reasons to choose Duke. “My wife and I also have had excellent care at Duke; and we found it close to home,” says Sam. “The primary care clinic is just 10 minutes away from our house. It’s important to have a doctor close by, especially when you have children.”

For Zoe, perhaps the most important perk of choosing Duke Primary: the kid-friendly environment. “Zoe used to be scared of doctors, but when we went to Duke Primary, everyone was so friendly and gave her so much attention that she stopped being afraid. For the first time, she liked it. Now, she says she wants to be a doctor.”

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