Duke Nurses Bring Home Infusion Care Within Arm’s Reach

Updated April 29, 2020
Duke HomeCare & Hospice home infusion nurses gave treatment through a window for a patient in need.

When a homebound resident needed vital care, a team of Duke HomeCare & Hospice home infusion nurses rose to the challenge without stepping inside her nursing home. Their willingness to provide comfort and much-needed treatment through a ground floor window during the coronavirus lockdown brought joy to Ruby Sitar before she passed away, her daughter said.

“We were able to get her a few more smiles with her family, and that kind of care is always in the back of my mind," said Marissa Farrell, a home infusion nurse who provided treatment. “What can we do today to make tomorrow the best day they can have?"

Ruby's daughter, Catherine Earl, was impressed by the effort and said her mom's career in nursing made the extra care special.

“There is something to be said about nurses today, that they’re willing to do whatever they can do because they are truly vested in our community and people in general," Catherine said. 

Watch the full story about the care provided to Ruby Sitar by these health care heroes.

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