Duke Health Launches New Customer Feedback Platform

Share Your Experiences and Ideas through Duke Health Listens

By Bryan Roth
August 04, 2021
Woman sitting on couch with computer

Duke Health Listens is an online community that gives us a new way to hear your voice. Everyone ages 18 and older can become a member and receive invitations to participate in short, online surveys and polls that will help us better understand your health care needs and how we can meet them. 

Your Ideas Improve Our Care

You'll see the impact of your opinion in our hospitals and clinics and gain early access to new technologies and services, as well as new ways to connect with providers. By joining the Duke Health Listens community, you’ll help us understand what’s on your mind for your in-person and telehealth care. Your feedback as a community member will help us impact real change at Duke Health.

Creating More Equitable Care

We get better at what we do and can serve you, your family, and the community better when we hear from our patients. This new platform expands our ongoing efforts to learn from the people we serve. Our outreach is an important part of making our care more equitable and understanding our patients beyond their health needs.

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