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Choosing Primary Care for the Convenience; Staying for the Care

April 09, 2015
Misty and Kate Beil

Misty Beil (right) and her daughter, Kate, at their home

Convenience drove Misty Beil to choose a primary care doctor near her job. The exceptional care she received at Duke Primary Care Meadowmont is the reason she recommended her daughter see her new family doctor too. Now, their primary care is a family affair.

Impressive Service, Knowledgeable Staff

Beil of Chapel Hill had been seeing the same primary care doctor for more than 20 years when she decided it was time for convenience to trump stability. Rather than drive the miles to her former doctor’s office, she made an appointment for her annual physical with Julie Lindsey, MD, a family medicine doctor, whose office was located just minutes from Beil’s job as an operations analyst. She was immediately impressed.

“I was able to get an appointment very quickly,” Beil recalled about that initial visit last year. “I got right in on the day and time that I wanted.” Once at the office, Beil said, “the reception staff were all very nice, and I got called back almost right away. I was also really impressed by the medical assistant who took my blood pressure. She was phenomenal.”

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It’s reassuring to know she’s there when I need her.”

Making Primary Care a Family Affair

Beil, 48, was so pleased with the care she received from Dr. Lindsey that she recommended her daughter switch to her for her medical needs too. Beil says they both think Dr. Lindsey is great.

“Dr. Lindsey is very personable and professional,” Beil said, and respectful of her patients’ time. “I love that she schedules blood work prior to your appointment, so that the results are ready to discuss during your visit.”

Secure Messaging Through My Duke Health (Previously Duke MyChart)

Beil also finds satisfaction in Duke’s secure patient portal, My Duke Health, which lets her easily view her test results, pay bills, and communicate with her doctor.

“I was able to get onto Duke MyChart, ask Dr. Lindsey a question, and she got back to me the next day,” Beil said. “It’s reassuring to know she’s there when I need her.”

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