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Acupuncture Offers Alternative for Pain Relief

By Debbe Geiger and Emily Critchfield
July 12, 2016

Rob Sims of Morrisville was working underneath his backyard deck in 2007 when he was bitten by a copperhead. Over the next few years, he had multiple health problems. He credits his current good health to acupuncture and the guidance of his Asian medicine doctor.

“I lost 50 percent of my blood volume, my liver was shutting down, I was losing feeling, and I developed an antibody that was attacking my own blood cells, said Sims, a 72-year-old retired Air Force officer. “Then I got put into chemo. I simply started googling ‘alternative medicine’ for nerve damage… and acupuncture popped up."

That Google search led him to Asian medicine specialist, Dr. Jongbae Jay Park, PhD, and started him on the path back to good health.

Good Candidates for Acupuncture

“Good candidates for acupuncture and alternative medicine will be those who would like to heal without relying on medication,” said Dr. Park. “Upon examination, I concluded that Rob’s chronic pain was the result of prolonged, unsuccessful healing.”

In addition to acupuncture, Dr. Park counseled Sims on ways to improve his diet, sleeping and exercise habits.

“Acupuncture can be done rather instantly without sophisticated diagnostic tests and treatment. It is a safe and cost-effective,” Dr. Park said. “By helping his body to generate more vitality we were able to help his body complete the healing process.”

Today, Sims feels much better. “It worked for me,” he said. “I recommend him to anybody and everybody I care about. It’s his integrity, his focus, and it’s his results.”

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