Kidney Stone Treatment Videos

A Duke Urologist Explains Kidney Stone Prevention and Treatment

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While kidney stones are common, there are ways to prevent them and several options to treat them if they form. Here, Dr. Chad Gridley, MD, a Duke Health urologist, talks about how you can take steps to avoid kidney stones, get treatment if they are discovered, and prevent recurring stones in the future.

What to Know About Kidney Stone Prevention

Kidney stones are treatable, but also avoidable. Dr. Gridley discusses how to choose a diet that can help you prevent a stone from forming. This includes drinking plenty of water or other hydrating beverages and changes to daily meals.

Kidney Stone Treatment

If you have been diagnosed with a kidney stone, there are different ways to approach your treatment. Depending on its size and location, options range from waiting to see if it passes to surgery. In this video, Dr. Gridley explains the most common approaches to removing kidney stones.

Preventing Recurring Kidney Stones

If you get a kidney stone once, your risk of getting a second stone within 10 years increases by 50%. Dr. Gridley offers insight on how to prevent future stones.

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