HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus)

HIV treatments have never been more effective or easier to take than they are today. If you are HIV positive, start treatment promptly, and have regular follow up, you can realistically expect to live a normal and healthy life. At Duke, we’re here to help. Whether you are newly diagnosed or transferring your care to Duke, our focus is on getting you into care and keeping you in care.

Choosing Where to Have HIV Treatment

When you receive HIV care at Duke, you benefit from our extensive experience in both patient care and clinical research into HIV. 

  • You will have access to the latest advances in HIV treatments. If you are interested and qualify, you can participate in one of the multiple clinical trials of new medications.
  • Your providers will be among the most highly regarded HIV researchers in the U.S. and often lead the efforts on HIV treatment and cure research.

We Treat You, Not Just Your HIV

For many people with HIV, dealing with the nonmedical aspects of HIV is the most difficult part. At Duke, we take a team approach, offering you a broad range of resources you may need. 

  • Your first appointment will be with one of our social workers. Our social worker will assess your needs and work with you to get the required resources so you can access medications and care, regardless of your insurance status.
  • Your Duke HIV care team will include doctors, nurses, social workers -- including substance abuse and mental health counselors if needed -- pharmacists, financial resource managers, and others. Your doctor will coordinate closely with your primary care provider regarding your care. We can also serve as a primary care provider when necessary.
  • Our on-site pharmacist specializes in HIV and infectious diseases and can help with medication counseling, mail-order services, and access to medications through pharmaceutical company programs.

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Starting Your HIV Care at Duke

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