Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Experts in Duke’s hyperbaric oxygen therapy program use pressurized oxygen to speed healing of wounds including skin grafts, diabetic foot ulcers and infections. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is also effective treatment for diving and altitude injuries, serious burns, carbon monoxide poisoning and smoke inhalation. We operate one of the nation’s largest hyperbaric chambers, and develop customized treatment plans to help you recover quickly.

Hyperbaric chamber

Experts in hyperbaric therapy

Hyperbaric therapy is often associated with treating decompression sickness among divers, carbon monoxide poisoning and gas gangrene. It is also effective at promoting wound healing and fighting infection. Breathing 100 percent oxygen at increased atmospheric pressure, which can only occur within a pressurized chamber, triggers the body’s natural wound-healing mechanisms so they can function more effectively.

You may be a candidate for hyperbaric oxygen treatment if you have slow-healing wounds resulting from diabetes, traumatic injury, radiation therapy, circulatory disorders, burns or significant skin infections. We also treat people who have experienced carbon monoxide poisoning, smoke inhalation, and damaging air or gas bubbles in their blood vessels.

Our board-certified physicians work with you and the physicians who manage your care to ensure you get the treatment you need. Our goal is to develop a treatment plan that helps you recover quickly.

Choose Duke for your hyperbaric oxygen therapy because we offer:

  • Comforting environment. Unlike other chambers that require you to lie down for hours during treatment, our spacious multi-room chamber provides ample room for you to sit comfortably during your treatment. Typical treatment plans begin with twice-daily, 2.5 hour sessions. During this time, you can sit, relax and enjoy a favorite pastime. The number of treats vary from 20 to 60, depending on your condition and needs.
  • Convenient, comprehensive care. Your team of experts may work side-by-side in the chamber to ensure you receive the full spectrum of care, from managing your pain to evaluating and changing wound dressings. Your team may include anesthesiologists, emergency medicine doctors, pulmonologists, nurses and chamber technicians.
  • Experienced physicians. Our hyperbaric facility was the nation’s first, and remains the largest hyperbaric chamber in the country. In addition, we are the only facility in the mid-Atlantic region whose physicians are all board-certified in hyperbaric medicine.- meaning they have passed tests to ensure they have met specific requirements.
  • Research leaders. Our ongoing research examines the effects of hyperbaric oxygen on various conditions. This ensures you receive the most effective treatment available for your needs.
  • Professional advice for divers, climbers and aviators. We specialize in the physiology of extreme exposure. We offer medical evaluation to people planning to participate in adventure sports. Duke Dive Medicine also operates a 24-hour physician consultation hotline and is available to treat medical emergencies.
  • Comprehensive evaluation. We conduct a thorough evaluation to determine if hyperbaric oxygen therapy is an appropriate option for your care, then work with you and your physicians to develop an effective treatment plan.
  • Emergency care. If you are experiencing an emergency please call 919-684-8111  and ask for the hyperbaric physician on call.

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