Normative qVOMS (Study Using Healthy Volunteers to Improve Concussion Diagnostics) - Clinical Trial

What is the Purpose of this Study?

We are doing this study to collect information about the speeds of eye and head movements in healthy children and young adults. This information will help us establish normal values related to these movement speeds and patterns. If we have a measure of what is normal, this will help us determine the severity of symptoms or injury for people who are treated for concussions.

What is the Condition Being Studied?

Eye and Head Movement of Healthy Volunteers

Who Can Participate in the Study?

Children and adults ages 12-25 who:

  • Have no current medical issues with their head or neck
  • Have never had brain surgery
  • Have not had a concussion in the past year
  • Can see 14 point font text clearly from an arm's length distance (your own arm)

For more information about this study, please contact the study team at

Age Group
Adults, Children

What is Involved?

If you choose to join this study, you will make 1 visit to our clinic that will last about 10 minutes. During this visit, we will have you perform a series of 4 tests. Each test will last about 10 seconds. Among other measures, the tests will record how quickly your eyes can pick up different visual targets and how well your eyes can stay focused on a visual target while you move your head in different directions.

Study Details

Full Title
Normative Value Standards for Quantitative VOMS (qVOMS) Assessment
Principal Investigator
Sports Medicine Specialist
Protocol Number
IRB: PRO00114539
Phase N/A
Enrollment Status
Open for Enrollment