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A Provider's Transgender Journey Helps Teach Compassion

March 07, 2018

Duke physician assistant Blaine Paxton Hall, PA-C, brings to his patient care an empathy borne of experience. Hall has been researching gender medicine since his own transition 35 years ago.

“I would have given anything to have known somebody who was also on my trajectory,” Hall said. “To imagine having a provider who had also had my experience would have been just extraordinary.”

Hall also devotes time to educating other health care providers on gender medicine. This includes not just sharing medical knowledge, but also encouraging sensitivity, compassion, and cultural awareness -- practices that can benefit all types of patients. Hall explained that anything we can learn about transsexual, transgender, intersex patients can help us be better caretakers of all patients.

Watch the video to learn more about Hall’s personal journey.

Blaine Hall looks through a book containing one of his poems
Blaine Hall sits in his home office flipping through a book containing one of his poems from high school.