Get a Second Opinion from a Duke Doctor Without Leaving Home

By Debbe Geiger
March 09, 2022
A provider takes notes while working on a laptop

If you have a medical condition and want to ensure you are making the best decision about your care, a second opinion from a medical expert can give you the insight you need. Now you can now obtain a written second opinion report from a Duke Health specialist from the comfort of your home. We offer remote second opinions for nearly every condition in children and adults including all types of cancer, organ transplants, heart disease, joint replacement, and other orthopaedic issues.

Why Seek a Second Opinion

A second opinion from a Duke Health specialist can help answer your questions, address your concerns, confirm your doctors are taking the right approach, or provide insight into the latest treatments or clinical trials available.

“There is wisdom in the counsel of others. A second opinion equips you with the knowledge and confidence you need to make important treatment decisions,” says C. Blake Cameron, MD, a Duke Health specialist and Medical Director for Telehealth and Access Innovation. “I have witnessed time and time again how second opinions can improve health and even save lives.”

A remote second opinion from a Duke Health expert is especially important if you have a life-threatening health problem and live in an area of the U.S. where there are few specialists who are knowledgeable about your condition. It is available to people living in all U.S. states except for Tennessee and Michigan. If you live in North Carolina, we encourage you to make an in-person appointment with a Duke specialist.

How the Remote Second Opinion Process Works

The process starts when you or your provider submits a request through our secure, confidential online platform. A personal health advisor will work directly with you to gather your medical records, including your health history and imaging, lab, and pathology results. Your health advisor will then identify the most appropriate Duke Health specialist for you. They review your records and prepare a comprehensive written report for you and your local provider to review.

You can ask to discuss the report with your personal advisor. You can choose to follow the Duke specialist's recommendations with your local provider, or you can make an appointment with the Duke specialist for in-person follow-up care. If you choose to see the Duke specialist, your advisor will connect you with a Duke Health scheduling concierge to help you make an appointment.

Additional Details

The Duke Health remote second opinion costs $1,500 and is typically not covered by insurance. While no referral is needed, we encourage you to work with your local provider when requesting a second opinion through our online platform.