New Student Volunteers

This volunteer program allows students to volunteer at Duke University Hospital with the goal of providing outstanding service to patients and their families.


  • Please complete all required documentation (noted in the application) BEFORE you return to campus in August—including health screens.
  • Volunteer commitment is for one continuous year, two academic semesters (or 100 hours during the summer, as approved by a volunteer coordinator)
  • Weekly volunteer attendance is a minimum of two hours per week. Some programs may require 4 hours per week. These are noted in position descriptions which will be posted by August 1.
  • All volunteer hours must be documented in Volgistics, the Volunteer Services software, in order to be counted toward volunteer commitment and letters of recommendation.
  • Weekly volunteer attendance is expected for all programs. Once assigned, these programs will be counting on your assistance. Your pre-health academic advisors may request attendance information at any time.
  • Please sign up for only ONE interview slot. Please bring your class schedule to the interview.
  • Duke academic advisors have asked to be notified of names of volunteers who fail to show up for interview times which will be held in August. Advisors will also be advised of those who cannot meet their volunteer commitments, without cause or prior approval, once they are accepted and scheduled.

NOTE: If you are unable to schedule an interview for a particular program during our scheduled interview day, please contact Tomeka Robinson in the Volunteer Services office at

Application requirements

Download the application forms.