New Student Volunteers

Duke University Hospital

This program allows students to volunteer at Duke University Hospital with the goal of providing outstanding service to patients and their families. Please review the following guidelines carefully for all potential opportunities before downloading application forms.

Most student volunteers are interviewed and accepted to volunteer programs during our fall interview process.

Fall Student Volunteer Program (please read carefully):

  • Please complete all required documentation (noted in the application packet) BEFORE your return to campus in August—including health screens. Student Health will NOT be providing volunteer health screens in August/September, so the health screen must be completed by your private provider or other outside provider.
  • Please note: A TB test is required. Please allow time for completion of this test before your interview in August if you do not already have one on file with Duke Student Health.
  • A flu shot for the 2018/2019 season is also required and can be received as part of your summer health screen if your provider has the new vaccine available. If not, you can attend one of the many Duke campus flu shot clinics available in September to have the form completed. Again, Student Health will not be scheduling private appointments for volunteer flu shots.
  • Volunteer commitment is for one continuous year OR two academic semesters (OR 50-100 hours during the summer, if pre-approved by a volunteer coordinator)
  • Weekly volunteer attendance is a minimum of two hours per week. Many programs may require up to 4 hours per week. These will be noted in the position descriptions which will be posted on August 1.
  • A MANDATORY hospital orientation will be held for all student volunteers accepted into the program on Saturday, September 15, 2018 at 8:30 am. Please mark your calendar for this date if you plan to volunteer. Alternative dates will not be provided for this hospital mandated training. Many of the department volunteer coordinators will also be present following that orientation to hold their departmental orientations. 

Important Dates

  • Interview schedule for sign-ups will open on August 1. You may apply for only one interview slot due to the limited number of spaces in this program. Program options and descriptions of the programs will be posted at that time.
  • Interviews will be held at the Seeley-Mudd building conference room on both August 29 and August 30, 2018. Completed application forms, including health screen form completed by physician’s office, must be submitted at time of interview.
  • Download the application forms.

NOTE: The interview schedules will open for sign-ups on or about August 1, 2018.