Application Packet for Duke Students

Before you return to campus in August, complete all required documents in the Application Packet and bring them with you to your interview.

Click here to download the application packet.

The Application Packet includes the following forms:

  • Volunteer Services Application 
  • Request for References (2 are needed)  
  • Background Screening Authorization Form 
  • Health Screen Form 
    • Duke Student Health will NOT be providing volunteer health screens in August/September.
    • The health screen form must be completed by your healthcare provider/medical practice/pharmacy.  
    • A TB test is required. Please allow time for completion and a reading of this test before your interview in August if you do not already have one on file with Duke Student Health.
  • 2018/2019 Flu Vaccine Reporting Form  
    • The 2018/2019 flu vaccine must be administered AFTER July 1, 2018.
    • The 2018/2019 flu vaccine reporting form can be completed by your healthcare provider/medical practice/pharmacy if they have the new season’s vaccine available over the summer.
    • Do not attempt to schedule your flu shot directly with the Duke Student Health office as they will not be able to accommodate you before October.
    • There will be campus flu shot clinics offered by Student Health across the Duke campus in September.