Sports performance staff

Sports performance staff

Learn more about our staff, and choose the sports performance specialist you want to work with based on your needs.

Greg McElveen, MS, MBA, CSCS, Duke Sports Performance Program Director, holds a master’s degree in exercise physiology and has worked with athletes of all ages (ranging from 8 to 91) in dozens of sports. His clients range from people with complicated medical issues to professional and elite athletes who run the gamut from NFL players to Ironman triathletes. Greg has earned certifications from the National Strength and Conditioning Association, International Sports Medicine Association, and American College of Sports Medicine. Greg has competed in football, soccer, baseball and wrestling, which he also coached. He is a passionate endurance athlete and has participated in many 5k, 10k, half marathon, and marathons. His most memorable experiences are two Grand Canyon wilderness marathons. Greg was a sponsored triathlete and road cyclist. Email Greg McElveen or call 919-667-3440.          

Joao Valerio, ACSM-HFS, holds a degree in health education, earned the American College of Sports Medicine’s Health Fitness Specialist Certification, and has worked with a full spectrum of clients.  Joao played soccer at Ithaca College and has a strong soccer skill set. He specializes in sport-specific strength, power, balance and proprioceptive training.  Joao focuses on training movement patterns and building foundational strength to avoid injury, all while developing improvements in strength and endurance.  Email Joao Valerio or call 919-724-1921.

Scott Peters, MS, ATC, CSCS, SPT, is currently earning his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree and is a certified athletic trainer.  In, addition, he is an experienced and certified strength and conditioning specialist, USA Weightlifting performance coach and functional movement screen provider. Scott played collegiate varsity baseball, hockey, basketball, golf, volleyball, and badminton and was an honor student at Minot State. Contact Scott Peters or call 919-824-8840.

Alisha Laing, CSCS, SPT, is currently earning her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. She has a degree as an exercise physiologist and is certified as a strength and conditioning specialist and TRX group instructor.  Alisha was a collegiate volleyball team captain.  She made academic all-conference at the University of Georgia where she received the designation, Presidential Scholar, and won the strength and conditioning award and scholar athlete award.  Currently, she is a volleyball coach.   Alisha writes, “My training philosophy focuses on the quality of movement. I believe that assessing movement patterns is critical for improving function, decreasing injury risk, and allowing for lifelong participation in sports and/or physical activity. I believe that workouts should be fun, challenging, and individualized to ensure maximal success for each client.”  Email Alisha Laing or call 265-548-7489.

Amanda Fontaine, MS, CSCS earned a master’s degree in exercise physiology and is certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association.  She provides a fun training environment, is energetic and always encourages people to reach their goals.  She constantly changes workouts to improve results and create variety.  She has a special interest in helping clients reach body composition goals and does assessments using the Bod Pod air displacement plethysmography technology.  Amanda danced for 16 years; partly with the Orlando Ballet.  She enjoys mud races, salsa dancing, and tennis. Amanda has a huge passion for fitness and overall well-being and is experienced working with clients of all ages, from children to older adults.  Email Amanda Fontaine or call 571-209-7732.