Duke Specialty Pharmacy Patient Assistance

You are responsible for any co pays or deductibles at the time you pick up or ship your medication. Many specialty drug manufacturers and private foundations offer co pay assistance programs. We will help determine your eligibility for these programs and assist with any necessary applications. If you are out-of-network for the Duke Specialty Pharmacy, we will either refer you to a pharmacy in your network, or provide a written notice to you of the cost of your medications prior to filling your prescription.

Speciality Pharmacy

What to Bring to the Duke Specialty Pharmacy

Bring your insurance card with you when you visit the Specialty Pharmacy as well as any information provided by a drug manufacturer that your provider may have given you or that you may have received in the mail. 

If you are uninsured or underinsured, our patient assistance technicians can help.  Please bring any forms your provider or drug manufacturer has given to you to the pharmacy when you visit.  


Patient acknowledgment and authorization form

  • This form is required to participate in the Duke Patient Assistance program.  By signing this form, the patient accepts financial responsibility for medications even if Duke Patient Assistance program is unable to obtain additional co-pay assistance.

Patient assistance HIPAA form

  • This required form grants Duke Patient Assistance permission to release personal information to manufacturer programs or foundations.