Recreation Therapy

Recreation Therapy

Recreation therapy is an innovative type of psychosocial therapy that utilizes recreation services for purposeful intervention in order to develop, regain, or maintain your capacity for full living, specifically your physical strength, emotional growth, and social self-confidence. Our  state licensed and nationally certified recreation therapists help you and your family use your creativity and personal drive to help you fight cancer.

How Recreation Therapy Can Help

Staying in a hospital for weeks battling cancer can be frightening. Adult cancer patients often feel vulnerable and unable to take charge of their own lives. Our program is part of a comprehensive medical program designed to turn these feelings around.

We use socialization, education, and pure simple fun to give you opportunities to create, express, and smile. We know cancer treatment can cause fear, anxiety, depression, as well as physical symptoms such as nausea and pain. Our helps you combat those physical and emotional symptoms by putting a sense of choice and control back in your hands. We help you help yourself prepare for and during treatment.

Our Services

  • Low impact physical functioning
  • Procedural support and preparation
  • Legacy building
  • Expressive arts
  • Stress reduction
  • Assertiveness training

Volunteers Make Our Program a Success

Duke's Oncology Recreation Therapy Program is made possible by the efforts of volunteers. Learn more about volunteer opportunities with our program.