and Immune System Disorders

Duke allergy specialists offer the latest in comprehensive, personalized care for all types of allergies for all age groups. We also treat people with immune system disorders including common variable immune deficiency (CVID), hypogammaglobulinemia and antibody deficiency syndromes. Our goal is to educate and empower you to control your allergies and offer comprehensive care for your immune system disorders.

Expert care for Allergy Relief and Immune Deficiencies

If you suffer from any type of allergy, whether it’s seasonal allergies, venom and insect allergies, food and drug allergies, chronic hives, or immune problems, our specialists can help.

As a comprehensive center for treating allergies and immune disorders, our specialists use the latest knowledge gained from research studies and clinical trials to assess and create treatment options that fit your specific needs. The clinical trials help us develop treatment options that are faster, more effective and less painful than traditional options available elsewhere. In addition, we prepare all of our allergy vaccines on-site to fit your individual allergy treatment needs.

Choose Duke to treat your allergies and immune deficiencies because we offer:

  • Convenience. We provide allergy injections and offer on-site diagnostic testing, respiratory testing, and laboratory testing five days a week. Same-day appointments are possible for current patients who require immediate attention.
  • A team of experts. Our dedicated staff has years of experience detecting all types of allergies and immune system disorders. We also have health providers who work exclusively on testing for food and drug allergies (including penicillin) to pinpoint your diagnosis and recommend the most effective treatment plan.
  • Personalized approach to allergy care. The underlying cause of allergy symptoms can be different in each individual. We use advanced techniques to identify what type of inflammation you have in your lungs, and tailor your treatment to your needs. We also give you access to omalizumab (Xolair), a targeted therapy for severe allergic asthma that is only available at specialized centers like ours.
  • Collaboration. Since allergies may involve other potentially serious health problems such as nasal polyps, sleep disturbances, asthma, and repeated sinus infections, our specialists work with many experts throughout Duke to provide you with the best care. Likewise, we work with specialists across Duke to help you manage immune deficiencies including common variable immune deficiency (CVID), hypogammaglobulinemia and antibody deficiency syndromes
  • Painless treatment options. Our specially trained nurses provide quick, painless skin testing without the use of needles for pollen allergies.
  • Access to our clinical trials. You may be eligible to participate in our ongoing clinical trials, which explore new therapies that may help develop faster, more effective allergy treatment options. 
  • Local allergy testing. We measure local allergens and molds daily to test for allergies triggered in our area.
  • Ongoing research. We conduct studies on immune disorders designed to develop better, more effective treatment options in the future.



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