Duke glaucoma specialists are experts in advanced treatments to lower eye pressure, and treat all types of glaucoma with the goal of preventing vision loss. We have completed years of advanced, fellowship training in the management of open angle and narrow angle which is also known as closed angle glaucoma. As leading experts in our field, we also provide specialized care to people with secondary forms of glaucoma, including neovascular glaucoma, which may affect people with diabetes. Our goal is to lower your eye pressure, minimize the damage to your optic nerve, and prevent vision loss that can result from this silent disease.

Experts in comprehensive glaucoma care

Glaucoma is a progressive eye disease that requires early diagnosis and treatment to prevent the optic nerve damage and vision loss it can cause. Our glaucoma specialists use the latest diagnostic advances to determine the extent of your glaucoma, and are well versed in the latest therapies available to slow its progression.

We routinely care for people who are at high risk for glaucoma, already diagnosed with glaucoma, and people who have not previously had success with glaucoma treatments. Our specialists are experts in the advanced laser and surgical procedures that may be necessary to drain the fluid that causes increased eye pressure. At the same time, our researchers are busy studying new ways to approach glaucoma treatment, and are designing new delivery systems to make your management of glaucoma easier.

Choose Duke for your glaucoma care because we offer:

  • Top-ranked care. U.S News & World Report consistently ranks Duke Eye Center among the nation’s best.
  • Respected leaders. Our board-certified fellowship-trained glaucoma specialists travel the country to lecture and teach courses on the latest glaucoma research and treatments. Our vast experience and knowledge means you receive your care from some of the nation’s most respected glaucoma specialists.
  • Latest treatment advances. Our glaucoma specialists uses the latest advances to treat glaucoma that does not respond to medical therapy including a newly approved device called iStent, and a surgical approach called canaloplasty which may be useful for some patients. We also have vast experience implanting glaucoma drainage devices, or “tubes”  which are useful in people with complex glaucoma, and in situations where multiple previous glaucoma procedures have failed.
  • Care for multiple eye concerns. If you have eye concerns, such as cataracts or retinal disease, in addition to glaucoma, we can coordinate your visits and work closely with your corneal surgeon or retinal specialist, if needed. We also have the experience and expertise to combine complicated surgeries to minimize your discomfort, which ensures you receive the most comprehensive care.
  • Childhood glaucoma. We are one of only a handful of eye centers with a pediatric glaucoma specialist who diagnoses and treats children with primary congenital glaucoma and other forms of childhood glaucoma. 
  • Promising research. Our scientists are working on new treatments for glaucoma, ways to make medical management easier, new drug delivery devices, and are conducting studies that may lead to ultimately protect the optic nerve. We want to prevent blindness and minimize the damage caused by glaucoma.
  • Compassionate, supportive environment. We offer patient support services, including educational materials and programs, a low vision rehabilitation program, and a dedicated social worker to help you and your loved ones manage your condition and maximize your quality of life.



Your glaucoma doctor will conduct a thorough examination of your eyes, including structural and functional testing of the optic nerve, using a variety of imaging devices. Additional tests are necessary to measure intraocular pressure, the extent of damage, and possible vision loss.