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Duke’s nationally ranked Heart Center takes a comprehensive approach to treating hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, which impacts approximately 30 percent of adults in North Carolina. With clinic locations in Durham, Raleigh and beyond the Triangle, our highly skilled specialists work together to actively screen for hypertension, evaluate the cause and determine the best course of treatment.

Comprehensive Approach to Hypertension Treatment

When the blood pressure in your arteries is elevated, your heart works harder to pump blood through your body. While the elevated pressure, known as high blood pressure, causes few if any symptoms, the damage it inflicts on your arteries can be severe. Left untreated, the constant effort to pump blood harder can damage blood vessels, and lead to heart attack, kidney disease and stroke.

Our experienced cardiologists diagnose hypertension early and work to identify the underlying cause of your high blood pressure. We involve our  kidney specialists when the kidneys over produce a substance called renin that may cause blood pressure to rise.  Our approaches to managing blood pressure are used by physicians nationwide, and our ongoing participation in clinical trials aim to uncover new ways to get blood pressure under control. Currently, we are evaluating a new, minimally invasive approach to treat blood pressure that is resistant to treatment -- also known as resistant hypertension. Our goal is always to identify the best approach to lower your blood pressure quickly and effectively while reducing your risk for the serious complications that can result. 

Choose Duke Heart Center for your hypertension treatment because we offer:

  • Top-ranked care. U.S. News and World Report ranks Duke Heart Center 5th in the nation, based on our patients’ survival rates, the number of procedures we perform, and the quality of our support services.
  • Early intervention. We work to identify and reverse slightly elevated hypertension, often called  pre-hypertension, by educating you about the potential risks and ways to lower your blood pressure through lifestyle changes.
  • Support for lasting lifestyle changes. Experts in our cardiac prevention and rehabilitation program -- exercise physiologists, nutritionists, cardiologists, counselors and others -- work with you to help you quit smoking, exercise more, make healthy food choices. These lifestyle changes play an important role in lowering your high blood pressure.
  • A comprehensive team. Our cardiologists and kidney specialists help you understand your prescribed treatment plan and set manageable goals. We also work to reduce any barriers, including financial concerns and complicated treatment plans, that may keep you from following our recommendations.
  • Care innovators. Our team has pioneered new approaches to managing hypertension, including research regarding benefits of the DASH Diet (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension). The diet is now recommended by the American Heart Association.
  • Novel option for resistant hypertension. Our cardiologists and kidney specialists, also called nephrologists, work closely with patients who struggle to manage their high blood pressure with medication and diet restrictions. We are currently one of four sites in North Carolina involved in a clinical trial looking at the first minimally invasive approach to lower blood pressure in people with resistant hypertension.


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