Elbow and Upper Arm Pain and Injuries

Elbow and Upper Arm Pain and Injuries

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Whether you have chronic elbow pain or a recent injury, our doctors in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, and Wake Forest use the most advanced techniques to diagnose your condition and develop a treatment plan that's right for you. Our goal is to relieve your pain and help you regain your mobility.

Our Elbow and Upper Arm Specialists

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Relief for Your Elbow Pain

Our specialists have extensive experience diagnosing and treating elbow problems including:

  • Arthritis
  • Fractures
  • Tendon or ligament injuries
  • Elbow instability
  • Golf or tennis elbow
  • Cubital tunnel syndrome (numbness, tingling, and muscle weakness caused by compression of the ulnar nerve)

Our orthopaedic surgeons are also nationally renowned experts in elbow replacement surgery.

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Our Orthopaedic Urgent Care clinics provide expert treatments for a wide range of elbow and upper arm conditions and can refer you to a Duke orthopaedic specialist for follow-up care. These clinics are open seven days a week. Get fast service with no unnecessary exposure to sick people.

Our Locations

Our elbow and upper arm specialists see patients at Duke Orthopaedic clinics in Durham, Cary, Raleigh, and Wake Forest. Find one near you.


The elbow is one of the most complicated joints in the body. Our doctors thoroughly evaluate the source of your pain or immobility to make an accurate diagnosis and develop a personalized treatment plan.

Nonsurgical Therapies

Treatment for your elbow pain, arthritis, tingling, or weakness begins with proven conservative therapies. We offer a full spectrum of treatments, including common therapies such as pain medication, splinting, bracing, steroid injections, and targeted physical therapy.

Cubital Tunnel Release

This outpatient procedure for cubital tunnel syndrome is performed under regional anesthesia. It reduces pressure on your elbow’s ulnar nerve and alleviates pain and weakness in your elbow, hands, and fingers.

Joint Contracture Release

If you suffer from a stiff elbow that won’t extend or flex properly, our surgeons can remove bone that's blocking your movement and release scarred muscle or ligaments. This increases your elbow’s range of motion.

Ruptured Bicep and Tricep Tendon Repair

Restores movement in an injured arm by reattaching torn tendons in either the bicep or tricep to the appropriate forearm bone using stitches or metal implants.

Elbow Reconstruction

Commonly called Tommy John Surgery, this procedure repairs injury to the ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) in the elbow by replacing the damaged ligament with a tendon from another area of the body.

Elbow Arthroscopy

When elbow pain or injury requires surgery, our surgeons use small incisions and a tiny camera to remove bone spurs, loose fragments, or a portion of the diseased bone lining. This minimally invasive approach means you experience less pain and a quicker return to normal activities. Our surgeons may also use elbow arthroscopy before reconstructive surgery to get a better view of the elbow joint and ligaments affected by elbow arthritis, tendonitis, or instability so your surgery is more precise.

Osteotomy and Synovectomy

Relieves painful symptoms associated with elbow arthritis by removing part of the bone or part or all of the diseased bone lining.

Elbow Replacement Surgery

Co-developed at Duke, the popular Coonrad/Morrey artificial elbow joint set the standard for elbow replacement. We are among the top centers in the country offering elbow replacement surgery, also known as elbow arthroplasty. We receive referrals from other centers around the country because of our superior patient outcomes and have the experience needed to handle both first-time and corrective elbow joint replacements.

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Physical Evaluation and X-Rays

Assessment begins with a physical exam to rule out the possibility of an underlying problem, such as a broken bone or nerve condition. X-rays may be taken to confirm fractures or bone abnormalities.

Advanced Imaging

Doctors may also use MRI imaging to assess damage to the soft tissues of the elbow.

Why Choose Duke

Safer Surgeries, Easier Recoveries
Whenever possible, we use minimally invasive approaches so you experience less pain, fewer complications, and a speedier recovery.

Expert Treatment for Sports Injuries
We treat sports injuries in the elbow and upper arm, including overuse injuries -- such as tennis elbow and arthritis -- and traumatic injuries.

Highly Specialized Team of Surgeons
Our fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeons are dedicated to treating people with hand, wrist, elbow, and upper arm issues. They have trained hundreds of other orthopaedic surgeons who now practice around the country.

Expertise in Reattachment
In the case of trauma to the arm, our doctors are leaders in reattaching fingers, hands, wrists, and arms that have been severed or severely damaged. We use microsurgical techniques to repair damaged nerves and blood vessels for optimal function and recovery. Many other hospitals do not have reattachment capabilities.

Targeted Physical Therapy
Our physical therapy professionals are specially trained to reduce your elbow pain and help you regain strength and mobility so you can return to your favorite sports and activities.

Coordinated Care Team
Our orthopaedic surgeons, physician assistants, physical therapists, radiologists, and orthopaedic nurses work together to ease your pain and restore your function.

Leaders in Elbow Replacement
Our orthopaedic surgeons helped pioneer elbow replacement surgery and have access to the latest artificial elbow joints. If you need elbow replacement, we work with you to find the best elbow joint to suit your needs.

Best Orthopaedic Hospital in North Carolina

Where you receive your care matters. Duke University Hospital is nationally ranked for orthopaedics and is ranked the best in this specialty in North Carolina.
Reviewed: 05/16/2018