Duke’s nationally ranked endocrinology program helps people with diabetes successfully control their blood sugar and other risks to reduce complications related to diabetes including heart disease, nerve damage, kidney damage and more. We offer comprehensive management of type 1 and type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes and transplant-related diabetes. We specialize in treating people who are resistant to insulin or require highly concentrated doses. No matter your condition, we will help treat your diabetes, manage your blood glucose, reduce your symptoms, and improve your quality of life.

Comprehensive diabetes care

It’s not easy to control your blood sugar, also known as blood glucose, when you have diabetes. You may need to carefully plan meals, frequently monitor your blood sugar or give yourself insulin. That’s why our program emphasizes patient support. Our group classes and individual sessions are led by certified diabetes educators and registered dieticians. They empower you to control your diabetes with confidence.

Diet and exercise are necessary steps for everyone with diabetes. You may also require daily medications or insulin therapy. Our endocrinologists, certified diabetes educators and registered dieticians understand your body’s insulin needs and fluctuations, and develop the right treatment plan for you.

Choose Duke for your diabetes care because we offer:

  • Nationally-ranked program. Our diabetes and endocrinology program is ranked among the nation’s best by U.S. News & World Report. 
  • Heart disease risk assessment. We manage all heart and vascular conditions that affect people with diabetes, including high blood pressure and high cholesterol. When necessary, we refer you to Duke cardiologists for treatment. They become part of your team.
  • Personalized medical therapy. Every case of diabetes is different. Your medication and insulin therapies are tailored to your needs. Some people need very aggressive control of their diabetes, which may involve close blood sugar monitoring and insulin adjustments. We develop a plan to regulate your blood sugar and prevent complications often associated with diabetes.
  • U-500 insulin expertise. We are experts in treating people who require concentrated insulin to manage their blood sugar. Most diabetic patients take U-100 insulin and need 20-50 units of insulin each day. We specialize in treating people who require 200 to 500 units a day. U-500 insulin is a concentrated option, and requires close supervision from experienced doctors.
  • Adult diabetes education program. Our certified diabetes educators run monthly, comprehensive group classes that focus on all aspects of diabetes management including learning about pre diabetes and gestational diabetes, understanding insulin pump therapy, continuous glucose monitoring, and carbohydrate counting. If you need to learn more about any topic, you can do so in individual sessions.
  • Team approach to diabetes management. Our physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and certified diabetes educators are trained to help you take care of your diabetes. Our nurses can teach you how to use glucose meters, insulin syringes, and insulin pens. Our certified diabetes educators also have advanced training to teach you to use continuous glucose monitors that check your blood sugar every few minutes over a period of days or longer. We review the results together to make insulin adjustments. 



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