Eating Disorders

Anorexia, Bulimia, Picking Eating and Other Eating Disorders

Duke offers personalized treatment for the full spectrum of eating disorders and body image issues, including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating, Selective Eating Disorder (SED) also known as picky eating or Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID) and obesity. The Duke Center for Eating Disorders emphasizes proven methods to help you learn to live fully in your body and be free to live a vital, meaningful life.

Expert Care for anorexia, Bulimia, and Other Eating Disorders

If you or your loved one suffers from an eating or body image disorder, we can help. Our team of specialists are nationally recognized experts in the research and treatment of eating disorders. We are uniquely qualified to help you overcome eating disorders, as well as the complications that may occur, so you can ultimately live a healthy life. We work closely with you to understand the symptoms and their impact, and teach alternative coping strategies. We do this by developing a treatment approach that takes into account your personal issues and challenges, as well as your experiences within your family and community. Our experience shows that families come away stronger when they participate in their loved one’s treatment.

Choose Duke for your eating disorders treatment because we offer:

  • Team approach to treatment. You’ll work with physicians and therapists from many specialties, including psychiatrists, gastroenterologists, endocrinologists, psychologists, social workers, physical therapists and nutritionists. We also work closely with specialists throughout Duke Health to provide care for people with complex conditions often associated with eating disorders such as diabetes, celiac disease, polycystic ovarian syndrome, digestive disorders and endocrine disorders.
  • Nationally recognized experts. We have decades of experience improving our patients’ health and eating habits. Our pioneering program for adult picky eaters has been featured in Time magazine and ABC-TV's Nightline. This program followed a seven-year-old girl who had a fear of food, now recognized as ARFID, and introduced many families to Duke's program and research in picky eating.
  • Selective eating disorder treatment and support. Extreme picky eating, often referred to as selective eating disorder, and now officially recognized as Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder, is offered to children and adults who live near to Duke. Learn about our additional treatment options, including immersion programs and parent workshops. Add your name to our mailing list.
  • A holistic approach. We believe treatment should take into account your personal issues and challenges, as well as your experiences within your family and your community. Our methods are aimed at addressing all the factors that affect your body image and eating patterns. 
  • Family support and training. We know the important role your family plays in your well being. We offer parent-training groups and weekends, as well as sibling and spouse support. 
  • Range of therapy options. We realize that not every patient responds to every type of therapy. We offer individual, group, and family psychotherapies, medical management, psychopharmacology, and nutritional counseling. Our doctors and therapists identify the best method to improve your relationship with food.
  • Access to clinical trials. You may be eligible to participate in studies designed to better understand, and explore new treatments for eating disorders, including picky eating in adults. For more information, please email      


Our treatment approaches are based on research that proves them to be the most effective. After gathering information about your history and goals, we tailor a plan that’s right for you to develop healthy eating habits. Your plan may include:


We conduct several evaluations to determine the best course of treatment for you.

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