Important contacts

Listed below is contact information for some of the groups who are here to serve you during your stay.

Patient Advocates: 919-681-2020
The Department of Patient and Visitor Relations is here to help patients, their families, and visitors at Duke University Hospital. As advocates for you and your family, patient representatives can:

  • Listen to and follow up on your concerns or complaints
  • Answer questions or direct your request to the right hospital departments
  • Orient your visitors to the hospital
  • Arrange for special services or direct you to resources in the community

Social Workers: 919-681-4722
Clinical social workers can help you and your family manage the stresses of illness, hospitalization, and treatment. At your request, or the request of other hospital staff, an experienced social worker can meet with you to:

  • Discuss your family's needs and concerns
  • Assist you in securing available community resources and/or financial assistance
  • Provide individual, family, and group counseling

Patient Resource Managers/Case Managers: 919-668-2483
Patient resource managers work closely with the physician and health care team to coordinate your care throughout your hospitalization and to make sure you have the resources you need once you leave the hospital and return to your community.

Patient Resource Mangers work with you and:

  • Your health care team to make sure and your family understand and can actively participate in the plan of care
  • Your insurance company to obtain approval/payment for services
  • Health care agencies you may need to continue your care once you leave the hospital

Case managers are available in areas where the Patient Resource Management Program has not yet been established. Case managers ensure communication between you, your medical team, and your insurance company to obtain approval/payment for services.

Discharge planning needs in areas not yet covered by the Patient Resource Management Program will be covered by the Department of Social Work. To learn whether you are in an area served by Case Managers or Patient Resource Managers, ask your nurse.

Volunteers: 919-681-6088
Volunteers are a special part of your support network here at Duke Hospital. They serve in more than 30 different programs, and assist with everything from providing caring support and activities during your hospital stay, to providing helpful directions and information.

If you would like to become a member of our hospital volunteer team, or if you would like to have a volunteer to visit you, please contact Duke University Hospital Volunteer Services.

Ethics Consultation Services: 919-970-8209 (pager)
Duke University Hospital's Ethics Consultation Services (ECS) helps caregivers, patients, and families resolve ethical issues surrounding patient care. These issues may include starting or withdrawing life support, or patients' and families' rights to refuse recommended therapies or limit therapeutic efforts.

The ECS includes physicians, nurses, social workers, and chaplains. They may consult with others who have expertise related to the concern at hand. The ECS is solely an advisory service. There are no charges for an ethics consultation. You may request a consultation by paging the number above.

Duke Pastoral Services: 919-684-3586
Duke University Hospital chaplains minister to all who desire spiritual support. If you would like to see a chaplain, or have a chaplain contact a representative of your own faith, please ask your nurse to contact Pastoral Services. If you have religious requests regarding your faith/belief, the chaplain will assist you.

The Duke Medicine Pavilion Chapel is open 24 hours a day. Weekly services for Catholic, Jewish, Muslim and Protestant patients, families and staff are scheduled. Please see the announcement board outside the chapel for times. Duke University Chapel services are broadcast on Sundays at 11:00 a.m. on channel 12 from your Duke University Hospital bed.

Bereavement Services: 919-684-4750
Duke Bereavement Services representatives help support patients and families before, during, and after a death. They educate people, coordinate services, and refer people to helpful resources both within the Medical Center and in the community.

Decedent Care Program: 919-681-6264
Part of Bereavement Services, the Decedent Care program makes sure that all the details at the time of death of a patient are handled in a thorough and sensitive manner.

The program helps coordinate the paperwork when a patient dies, provides helpful and clear information to the deceased family, and helps the family make arrangements with a funeral home.

Services for People Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired: 919-681-2020
Resources include a Touchable Art Gallery, materials on audiocassette tape, and Patient Rights in Braille materials.

Environmental Services (Housekeeping): 919-681-9700

Hair Care Services: 919-681-2020
If your health care team approves, you can have a hairstylist visit your room. Please pay the hairstylist or barber at the time of service.

Lost and Found: 919-681-2020
If you lose a personal item during your stay, tell your nurse immediately so that every effort can be made to find it.

Other Important Phone Numbers

Emergency: 911

Patient Account Services:
Local: 919-620-4555
Toll-free: 800-782-6945

Patient Information Concierge Services: 919-681-4947

Gift Shops:
Duke Hospital: 919-681-6186
Duke Clinic: 919-684-6165
Duke Children's Hospital: 919-668-4112
Duke Medicine Pavilion: 919-385-1393

Host Homes: 919-681-4688

Hearing Impaired: 919-681-2020
Foreign Languages: 919-681-3007

Arts and Health: 919-684-6124
Arts and Health provides quality visual, literary, and performing arts programming to the Duke Health community. During your stay, you and your loved ones can enjoy arts programming such as journaling sessions, free concerts in the hospital courtyard, performing artists on the hospital units, and art exhibits on the first floor of Duke University Hospital and on the second floor of the Duke Eye Center. You can also request an art kit for delivery to your bedside. Art kits regularly include options such as watercolor painting, adult coloring books and crayons, origami, and journaling. You or a caregiver or loved one can request an art kit by calling 919-684-6124.

Menus for Duke Hospital Cafeterias: 919-681-3463

Duke Patient and Visitor Relations: 919-681-2020

Duke Public Safety: 919-684-2444

Transit Information: 919-684-2218

Duke Van Services: 919-684-2020

Duke Parking Services: 919-684-7275