Duke Nephrology Hypertension Clinic

Duke Nephrology Hypertension Clinic
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Duke Nephrology Hypertension Clinic

Type: Specialty Clinic

The Duke Nephrology Hypertension Clinic offers consultative, diagnostic, and treatment services to patients with uncontrolled or resistant hypertension. The clinic also specializes in care for patients who require additional time and attention to address individual management barriers that exceed the scope of a typical primary care visit. Our providers are certified by the American Society of Hypertension as designated Specialists in Clinical Hypertension, and they are well versed on the causes and myriad treatment options available to treat hypertension effectively. They take a collaborative, patient-centered approach to care that focuses on lifestyle modifications such as diet and exercise, as well as medication management and adherence strategies, which allow patients to improve or control their blood pressure over time.

The Duke Nephrology Hypertension Clinic offers you and your patients: 

  • Consultation to determine the source of hypertension, including screening for secondary causes of high blood pressure and identification of lifestyle factors contributing to high blood pressure.
  • Expert treatment provided by specialists who have a long history of hypertension care and research, and who have helped establish national hypertension treatment guidelines
  • A collaborative, hands-on approach to care that promotes individualized attention, open dialogue and comprehensive condition management
  • Education and coaching on lifestyle approaches to treat hypertension
  • An open partnership with referring physician to enable successful implementation of the recommended care plan
  • Prompt, thorough communication and access to a hypertension specialist when questions arise
  • Convenient and timely access to care
  • Opportunities to participate in research studies of new investigational treatments, including renal denervation
  • Education, guidance and active problem solving to help patients effectively manage their condition
  • Easy referrals to a variety of Duke specialists if necessary, including cardiologists, endocrinologists and surgeons. 

To refer a patient, log in to Duke MedLink or call 800-MED-DUKE (800-633-3853).