Mind and body

At the Duke Health and Fitness Center, we know that wellness encompasses more than just the physical body. Our classes and programs help participants manage stress, gain mind-body insight, and achieve mindfulness as they go about their daily lives.

The following types of classes are available to Duke Health and Fitness Center members. See a copy of the mind and body class schedule.

Call passes or tickets may be purchased at the fitness center front desk. Receipts or passes must be given to the class instructor before the start of class.

  • Flexible strength. This class promotes strength, flexibility, and balance by emphasizing a challenging flow of positions held for various durations. It is not for people with osteoporosis. (45 mins.)
  • Pilates. Utilize breath control, abdominal strength, and core stability to develop a more balanced body (60 mins.)
  • T’ai Chi and Qigong. A 1,500-year-old set of exercises, eighteen Luohan Qigong coordinates the breath with dynamic movements. Practice of these movements can enhance awareness, balance, flexibility, relaxation, coordination, and energetic balance. Beginner and advanced practitioners are welcome. (60 mins.)
  • Yoga. Learn gentle stretching and breathing exercises that both relax and invigorate the body and mind. These exercises are taught in a way so that everyone can participate. (60-mins.)
  • Gentle yoga. This gentle, therapeutic class will use breath work, simple postures, meditation, and restorative practices to help release tension, stretch and strengthen your body, relax your mind, and lift your spirits. Suitable for new comers to yoga and people facing health challenges, as well as continuing yoga students interested in a gentle class. Postures will be on the floor, seated in chairs, and standing; however, those who need or prefer to remain seated in a chair throughout the entire class are welcome to do so. (60 min)

Massage therapy

Massage can improve overall health, enhance fitness training, reduce pain, aid in rehabilitation, and promote relaxation. For this reason, many physicians now prescribe massage therapy for their patients -- and some health insurers now cover it. 


To find out more about the mind-body services we provide or to schedule an appointment, call Mike Tuggle at 919-660-6811.