Internship program

The Duke Health and Fitness Center offers a “hands-on” internship for undergraduate and graduate students in exercise physiology, health and wellness, and other related fields.

We are located on the campus of the Duke Center for Living (DCL), a nationally recognized leader in medically-based lifestyle change, disease management, and prevention programs.

Our multidisciplinary staff of specialists includes exercise physiologists, registered dietitians, massage therapists, health psychologists, and physical and respiratory therapists. The expert staff is committed to helping others improve their overall health and quality of life.

Students gain practical experience in lifestyle counseling, exercise prescription, and exercise leadership for a large and diverse population.

Specialized programs may include cardiac rehabilitation, pulmonary rehabilitation, clinical testing with our Human Performance Lab, nutrition and weight loss programming, and observation of cardiac procedures.

Internship experiences

Exercise prescription and monitoring

  • Assist in developing and monitoring individualized exercise programs

Group exercise instruction

  • Learn to teach a variety of land and water classes offered at the facility

Clinical skills

  • Monitor rest and exercise heart rate, blood pressure, and blood glucose

General guidelines

  • Interns are expected to be highly motivated, organized, self-directed, and open to feedback to ensure a beneficial internship experience.
  • Good communication skills and a high level of professionalism are essential -- patient/client interaction is a vital aspect of our programming.
  • Internships are available for 12-16 weeks. Intern schedules are based on a 40-hour work week. It is expected that interns stay for the duration of their scheduled internship.
  • Housing, stipends, and meals are not included in the internship. Housing information is available upon request.
  • All accepted interns are required to hold a current CPR certification and have liability insurance.

Application process

Applications are continually accepted. However, information that is received by the deadline listed below will be given priority for the consideration of internships.

To apply for an internship, mail, e-mail, or fax the following information:

  • Cover letter outlining your primary interests and your specific institution's requirements
  • Resume
  • Two letters of recommendation

Send information to:

Duke Health and Fitness Center
Attn: Internship Coordinator
3475 Erwin Road
Durham, NC 27705
Fax: 919-681-7467

Internship deadlines

  • Summer Internship -- February 1
  • Fall Internship -- July 1
  • Spring Internship -- September 1

For more information about the internship program at the Duke Health and Fitness Center, call Katie Altieri at 919-660-6807.