Cancer rehabilitation

The Duke Health and Fitness Center has a specialized program designed to help people undergoing and recovering from cancer treatment. Our blended focus on fitness, stress management, and nutrition provide patients with the tools and support they need to maintain their strength, stamina, and positive outlook.

Our structured wellness program

  • Helps you become actively involved in your own recovery
  • Increases your energy level and mood
  • Provides you with support from staff and other members
  • Helps you concentrate on exercise, nutrition, and stress education
  • Promotes weight loss or maintenance as needed
  • Helps you relax and raise your overall awareness of wellness

You will be assigned a lifestyle counselor -- an exercise physiologist knowledgeable about cancer treatment and recovery -- who will help you set short- and long-term goals, establish a convenient and flexible exercise program, and choose among the many stress reduction, nutrition, and therapeutic activities available at the Health and Fitness Center.

Cancer rehabilitation services also include:

  • Access to the Duke Health and Fitness Center, including all group classes, swimming pool, spa, sauna, and the indoor and outdoor tracks
  • Consultations and orientations, including weight and cardiovascular equipment orientation, lifestyle goal-setting, and individualized exercise prescriptions and plans
  • Mind-body classes

For an additional fee, you may also sign up for additional Health and Fitness Center services and programs, such as massage therapy, personal training, physical therapy, and nutritional counseling. For more information, call 919-660-6660.