How You Can Help During COVID-19

During this difficult time, we are so grateful to our community for wanting to do everything they can to help our health care workers and each other. 

Financial Donations Appreciated

You may make a gift to the Duke COVID-19 Response Fund. This fund supports care and research including the following.

  • Developing an understanding of how to slow the transmission of the disease.
  • Expanding diagnostic and testing capacity.
  • Securing our ability to cover extended staff time and benefits for health care providers working directly on the crisis.
  • Addressing the expenses of exposed patients who are not covered by insurance.
  • Ensuring necessary housing for patients and equipment for health care workers.

Give to the COVID-19 Response Fund

Other Types of Donations

Food Donations
We appreciate the local businesses who have donated or want to donate meals to our health care workers. If you have questions or suggestions about food donations, contact Nicole Peloquin at

Other Gifts
If you have gifts you would like to donate that are not related to food or financial contributions, please fill out this form. We’re accepting new, unused items from companies and individuals that will be used for raffles and Duke team member recognition. 

Give Blood or Plasma if You Can

Duke Health and the American Red Cross urge healthy, eligible blood donors to replenish the blood supply, which will help save countless lives. Visit the American Red Cross website and search by zip code to find a donation center near you.

All blood donors are screened for temperature and travel history prior to registration, and the American Red Cross is using best practices for social distancing between donors.

Importantly, being a blood donor and/or getting a blood transfusion DO NOT put you at risk for COVID-19 infection.

Find an American Red Cross Blood Drive.
If you tested positive for COVID-19 and have fully recovered, you may be able to help someone else recover by donating plasma at the American Red Cross or The Blood Connection. You must be fully recovered from your infection and no longer have symptoms. Additionally, both the American Red Cross and The Blood Connection are testing all blood, plasma, and platelet donations for COVID-19 antibodies and sharing these results with their donors.

Consider Joining a Research Study

Visit the Duke Health COVD-19 Clinical Trials Directory to learn about COVID-19 and other research studies you may be able to participate in. If you believe you were infected with COVID-19 but never had a test done, you might be eligible to join the Molecular and Epidemiological Study of Suspected Infection. You can get in touch with the study team by emailing them at

Other Ways to Help

Ask Your Local Food Bank What They Need
Check with your local food bank to see if they need donations of food, toiletries or money. People with low incomes or who have lost their jobs need help more than ever before.

Check on Your Elderly Neighbors, Relatives
Older people and people with serious illness are at higher risk for COVID-19 and should avoid public settings as much as possible. Offer to purchase groceries, go to the pharmacy, or run errands that will help them avoid being exposed to others. Remember to maintain a physical distance of six feet.

Offer to Help Set Up Technology
Some people may be struggling to maintain contact. Offer to help people set up telemedicine, connect with the local library to access services, FaceTime with grandchildren, or even work from home using web apps.

Offer to Do Chores for Health Care Workers, First Responders
Health care workers and first responders are working long days to provide care for those who need it most. Ask if there’s a way you can help, either by babysitting, pet sitting, dog walking or making meals for their families. Your acts of kindness will be appreciated while they are on the front lines.

Get Outside
Go for a stroll, take a bike ride, enjoy the nice weather. You don’t need to stay indoors. Enjoy the outdoors at a safe distance from others.