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Oral Agent Adherence - Clinical Trial

What is the Purpose of this Study?

We are doing this study to understand why patients are taking oral anticancer medication and what problems patients may have in taking their medication as prescribed.

What is the Condition Being Studied?

Oral Adherence

Who Can Participate in the Study?

Adult women who:
- Are diagnosed with gynecologic malignancy
- Are taking an oral anti-cancer medication for longer than 30 days

Age Group

What is Involved?

If you choose to join this study, you will:
- Fill out a form to collect basic information such as your age, race, educational level, and marital status
- Take a 15 minute survey about your quality of life, financial status, anxiety, healthcare literacy and adherence to your oral anticancer medication
- Possibly discuss with a research team member your understanding of your medication and why you are taking the medication

Study Details

Full Title
A quantitative and qualitative analysis of adherence to oral anticancer therapeutics in the gynecologic oncology population
Principal Investigator
Gynecologic Oncologist
Protocol Number
Phase N/A
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